Our Warranty

At iFiX, we try to make our warranty simple and clear.

The following summary should help you to quickly find what you
need to know about it.

How long it lasts
Repairs and Parts:​ This warranty agreement begins the day of your purchased repair or part and lasts for 365 days from that date.

What is covered
Repairs and Parts:​ Mechanical and electrical failures of the repaired part that occurred during normal use of your item. Your item is covered for up to the full purchase price of the repair and/or part.

How the coverage works
For shipped items:​ You can ship your item to our premises, once received we will repair or replace it within 1-2 days and then ship it back to you at no cost to you. All warranty claims get return shipment via Royal Mail special delivery.
For drop-in items:​ We will help you schedule an appointment at our business premises in County Durham where the repair or replacement of the part will be carried out on site the same day at no cost to you.

What is not covered
There are some exclusions to your coverage.
Screen and LCD accidental damage:​ we don’t cover breakage of your iPhone or iPad screen.
Accidental damage from user handling:​ Where the device or accessories has been handled by the user in a manner that has resulted in damage to the device or accessory, this is not covered under our warranty. Items that are accidentally damaged by liquid are not covered by our warranty.
Software:​ We don’t cover software issues (but will attempt to assist you with a problem)

Value of your coverage
The total value of your Warranty is in most cases equal to the purchase price of your repair, part or accessory. If you experience an issue with your repair, part or accessory don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at info@ifixdurham.co.uk or on 0800 689 1843.