Walk In Service

From the time you contact us, we take 6 steps to repair it-perfectly!

It’s always our goal to be efficient. But in the instance there are more repairs needed than estimated, or perhaps we have more on our plate than usual, the process may
take longer than 30 minutes to complete. If after 30 minutes we are still repairing your
device we will inform you of the estimated time of completion! Our evaluation/repair process has been proven effective in almost every situation.

We’re experts who always seek to be honest about every servicing and provide repairs using legitimate original and OEM parts. Our team knows how a damaged device can affect your daily routine. You can trust that we’ll do everything we can to return your device promptly and perfectly repaired!

Our 6 Point Process

Step 1 – You Contact us

To start off the process first you must contact us by; telephone, email or direct message. For an accurate instant quote please inform us of your device model and the damage that is affecting your device. If you don’t know what is affecting your device, don’t worry! We offer a free diagnosis.

Step 2 – Booking your Appointment

If you are happy to proceed after one of our representatives has given you an accurate quote or free diagnosis, we can then go ahead and book an appointment by agreeing on a specific time and place for us to come and repair your device.

Step 3 – The Evaluation

After the initial inspection, a trained technician specializing in your specific model device will make a detailed evaluation. If you’ve chosen a specific repair such as LCD screen replacement, the technician will run all appropriate tests to uncover any underlying or resulting problems the defect produced. Again, we’ll keep you updated on our findings.

Step 4 – Repair Approval

Sometimes one defect leads to visible issues and the underlying malfunction has to be fixed. So, if we find more glitches than anticipated we will alert you and await approval before moving forward. However, if no other malfunctions are diagnosed we will carry on as normal.

Step 5 – Testing

Once the required and approved repairs have been made, the device moves on to the testing phase. This Quality Control stage requires your device to pass tests that measure its usability and performance. Should your device fail a part of this phase, the technician in charge of your repair will re-assess and make any required changes. We are relentless at this stage of the process because our standards require we return your device to peak performance.

Step 6 – Repair complete and Returned

Out of the Quality Control stage and ready for return, we will hand your beloved device back to you making sure you are 100% satisfied before leaving. All of these steps in just under 30 minutes from your appointment time!

That completes the process. Even with all its stages, the repair and evaluation process
happens (usually) within 30 minutes – saving you time when it matters. Get your iPad or
iPhone returned in ideal condition and book your appointment today!